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3 Reasons Mold Grows

2/25/2020 (Permalink)

Office with drying machines placed on the floor Water damage in a Pearland, TX office causing secondary damage

3 Reasons Mold Grows

According to many mold remediation professionals, there are a few reasons mold growth could occur at your Pearland, TX, business. However, understanding the sources of these problems could help you take preventative steps. Here’s what you may want to know.

1. Moisture Problems

In many cases, water damage can become a contributing factor to spore growth. This is because mold needs areas of high humidity to grow and a persistent source of water such as flooding or a leak provides this. In addition to creating a humid environment, water can also lead to a breakdown of organic materials in the area which is another contributing factor to spore growth. If you have water damage on your company property it’s best to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

2. Dim Conditions

In many cases, mold growth is found in dark areas or those with dim lighting. This is partially because these areas are usual cooler than spaces in the sunlight, but also because for some varieties the darker conditions creates a higher relative humidity which may allow the reproductive mechanisms of the mold spores to work faster. This is one reason why mold is found in basements, attics, and in spaces behind walls.

3. Organic Fuel Sources

As a fungi mold absorbs nutrients from organic materials around it. This can be structural material such as wood or drywall, or more decorative like wallpaper or carpeting. With a source like this is available in a dim or dark area of high humidity it creates a prime habitat for spore growth.
In most cases, mold growth requires a few conditions in order to thrive. These include moisture which can create humidity, dim light which often helps keep the area cooler, and an organic fuel source. Understanding this growth process can help you take preventative steps. If you do find problems a restoration professional can help.

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