What our Customers say...


My kitchen was a disaster area after a pipe busted! Jessica helped coordinate my repairs and my remodel quicker than I could blink. Thankful for the team over at SERVPRO!

They've been a great asset to us and have always been very professional and responsive to our needs. We're glad to have them on our vendors list.

I'm a principal of a charter school. I came in the week before school started with children to a major flooding due to A/C pump giving out. The flooding affected my front office and part of the gym floor. I remembered the motto "Like it never even happened." and called SERVPRO. They had team evaluating that same day and removing water the next morning. Our first day of school was fantastic. Our front office really did look "Like it never even happened." Thank you SERVPRO!

Did an amazing job!

SERVPRO is the way to go! Everyone is so nice and friendly. They explain the process precisely and walk with you through every step. Highly recommend!

  I have not used this business for repair work, but I have depended on them for professional counseling, asking what needs to be done and in what order or manner. I would recommend this business, because of what they do and also that this is a business that has caring personnel.

Customer Relations Manager I will have to say that this location goes above and beyond the normal every day of the mitigation and/or restoration company. I’ve had the privilege of using their services a few times and have nothing but positive remarks for multiple people in their office. If you ever get the chance to meet with Jessica Jackson, she is a star and will treat you and your family very well if you were to experience a loss at your home or business. Thank you SERVPRO.

Virtual CE Classes Kimberly does a great job on Virtual CE Classes. You don't have to leave your office/home during this covid time. Very interesting and very knowledgeable teaching. Thank you SERVPRO  

Congratulations and Uber-Appreciation to the SERVPRO Team that helped me. I cannot say enough about the excellent service, professionalism and courtesy we received from the Team that helped us through a broken pipe in our attic that flooded the room below. Ceiling, carpets, wallboard and furniture were damaged or destroyed. The SERVPRO team all reacted swiftly - from my first call to job completion - and were very thorough in explaining what they were doing at each phase of the project. They were very patient with my questions and considerate of our time and privacy. Each person would announce their ETA and gave us a complete summary of what they did during that visit, when they would return and who would be involved in the next steps. They exceed our expectations in informing us of what to expect of the equipment they placed including giving recommendations for preparing our pets for noise, etc. Clean-up was thorough. I did not get the names of everyone that supported us, but the excellent professionalism of Richard Bodya and Jose Hernandez are representative of everyone from the receptionist to the dispatcher, et. al. Thank you! Mike Mantell League City, TX

Love working with them! Fixed what I needed in a timely manner without any complications and the staff is so friendly and easy to communicate with! I recommend SERVPRO of Pearland to everybody!

They were very professional, took the time and care to help move all my belongings. They fully explained the whole process and clean up involved with the water damage in my home. They explained the before the during the after they followed up several times you couldn’t get a better company to come out and handle your repairs. Having half your house flood when pipes break is already devastating enough and then to have all the damage in your house and stuck trying to make sense of the disaster is not fun either. So they were just really helpful and putting our house back together and salvaging what they could

Kimberly is very thorough and a delight to work with in any circumstance. She’s knowledgeable which helps in any process.

Very timely with quality work and professionalism.

SERVPRO was one of the companies recommended to me by my insurance company after having a pipe burst in my guest bathroom in February! I have to say a BIG MAHALO (Thank You) to Sonia and her team! SERVPRO you have taken good care of my Hale (House) and my Ohana (Family) you all did an amazing job!! Mahalo (Thank You) for everything! Aloha from Tomball Texas!


These guys did a fantastic job. The pipes in my ceiling burst. Water everywhere, SERVPRO came in explained everything they would be doing. They were GREAT!!

SERVPRO of Friendswood/Pearland is a long time veteran in the disaster recovery industry. Their team provides quality service and a fair price. Regardless of size or location, they are ready for whatever, whenever, and wherever it happens! You will be well served when you call on SERVPRO of Friendswood/Pearland when you need help fast. They are standing by and always here to help!


I had water come into my home due to heavy rainfall. I love the fact that SERVPRO was really fast getting to my home. Very friendly staff.

When I had a water pipe burst in my house, I had no idea what to do. I contacted SERVPRO and I couldn't be happier with my experience. The crew that came to my house was very professional and knowledgeable. I will forever be thankful for them being there in my time of need.

First off this company helped me in my time of need! I didn’t know anything about the insurance process or the steps needed to remedy my kitchen fire !! These guys rock!!! Thank you so much

We were devastated when our home caught on fire, I had just bought a new vehicle and this is my daughter's SR. year in high school. Just very stressful. Pat and his team at SERVPRO of Friendswood/Pearland have been very supportive and helpful during this ordeal.  

I attended the CE training class hosted by Kimberly Robb and her wonderful assistant Carolyn on Ethics. I really enjoyed the class. She made it a lot of fun. I also learned a lot about SERVPRO. Kimberly is awesome. I will be attended more classes when needed along with my staff. 

Excellent Instructor. I really enjoyed the class. 

Excellent service and fair pricing!

Kimberly always does a great job!

Excellent job of delivering Ethics course, kept class engaged. 

Awesome teacher, love these classes. Kimberly is awesome

I love Kimberly, she's an amazing teacher

Kimberly Robb was great!

  1. Please describe why you chose us.  Response:   After our water damage, my homeowner's policy recommended SERVPRO as one of it's preferred providers.
  2. Please rate the overall quality and value of your finished project. Response:   4.5  Comments: I could not be happier. The work was seamless.
  3. What did you enjoy the most about working with us on the project?  Response:   Communication, communication, communication
  4. How would you describe your overall experience working with us?  Response:   Fabulous. SERVPRO brought closure to our water entry nightmare
  5. Please rate how likely you are to recommend us to your friends and family.  Response:   5.0  Comments: I already have sung praises to others.

I never thought we would get rid of that musty smell after Harvey. Thanks SERVPRO!

It took us forever to get back on our feet. But it wasn't until we called SERVPRO we finally started making progress. 

SERVPRO saved my hardwood.

SERVPRO took excellent care of my home.

Wow! SERVPRO got here faster than I thought they would.

SERVPRO took care of me in my time of need. I am grateful.

I never knew SERVPRO had such a wide variety of services. They are my one stop shop for all my properties.

SERVPRO was very thorough. I was worried they would miss something and the mold would only get worse. I don't think I have ever been so stressed out. They got it right the first time and saved me a ton of time and money. Thank you!

SERVPRO gets the job done.

Thank you SERVPRO for making this so easy.

I love working with SERVPRO. You make it so easy to get things done. All the services I need are in one [company]. 

I know its going to be a long recovery but we will get through it. SERVPRO reassured us everything is going to be okay and its possible we can return home in a little over a month.

Excellent Job SERVPRO of Friendswood/Pearland!

Everyone should use SERVPRO!

After Harvey everything became a mess but SERVPRO was there to help us make it, "Like it never even happened." Thank you to all the Storm teams who came out.

SERVPRO got in and got out. I finally felt safe to go back into my own house.

It never fails. The worst always happens when I am away on business. Glad I could my agents called SERVPRO. They were able to take care of the water before I returned home.

Who knew it would freeze in Texas? The last thing I expected was my pipes to burst. I am happy you are prepared for every weather event even if its not common to our area. I would gladly use you again.

The bathroom backed up and made our whole lab reek. Thank you SERVPRO for getting us back to a sanitary state so quickly! It was bad.

I was shocked at how much damage to other [apartment] rooms a fire in only one room of the building could cause. Thank you SERVPRO for being there.

A bunch of fire chasers came out and tried to get our business, that seemed rude. SERVPRO was very respectful and came when our insurance agents called them. 

Everything looks so good. You can hardly even tell there was a ever a fire here.

I called SERVPRO around 3:30 am and they were wide awake and really helped me understand what was going to be done and took the majority of the burden off of me. They got here and one of the workers explained everything to me and answered all of my questions. They work directly with the insurance, so that is off your shoulders too. I am so pleased with their customer service. I would highly recommended them to anyone else.

The on-site personnel clearly explained the cleaning and restoration process throughout the duration of the job.  They did a great job!

I would recommend SERVPRO of Friendswood/Pearland to my friends, family and colleagues.  I was very impressed with their service.

I got home from vacation to a flooded house and called SERVPRO of Friendswood/Pearland. From the initial point of contact, their team was on it! They not only isolated the core issue, but did a thorough job of inspecting other areas of the home that might be damaged. I truly felt as though they were working for me and were there to get me through this bad situation with as little pain as possible.

Should we ever need restoration services [again]. SERVPRO of Friendswood/Pearland will be our #1 choice because of the kindness of your staff, as well as the quality of work that you do.

You and your company have lived up to your company slogan: "Like it never even happened." Our Condo is back to its beautiful state and it was all done under challenging circumstances. We know it was not easy for all of you and therefore, we appreciate your accomplishments all the more.

The office staff was courteous, polite and helpful from start to finish.

Everyone was professional and very friendly. They were very careful and concerned not to damage anything- which was very important to us. 

The on-site personnel were prompt, courteous and attentive to my concerns.

I would recommend this company to my friends, family and colleagues.

Last night I came home and a waterline had come loose under the sink in the front bathroom and it flooded about 80% of our home! My husband was working but he got someone to relieve him & he came home to help! We sucked up water for hours! Then this morning, Missy called the crew at SERVPRO of Friendswood/Pearland and they came out and worked for hours tearing out the carpet and flooring and put in fans to dry things out! They have been great to us and for us all afternoon.

I am satisfied with the services provided by SERVPRO® of Friendswood/Pearland.

The personnel clearly explained the cleaning and restoration process throughout the job.

You know, sometimes you just can’t wait for a project to get over and workers out of your house. While we did want things back in order, that is not the way we felt about the crew working in our house. They were enjoyable to talk with, laugh with and to see the work they performed was incredible.

Your attention to detail as well as the ability to answer our basic questions and provide us with options to go forward helped us immensely to understand our situation now and in the near future.   In this day and age where a lot of service companies can be found lacking or subpar, you stand head and shoulders in the professional manner in which your visit was conducted.

The expert team working to fix the problem was both so kind and very respectful. They were very hard workers and meticulous. I thought they never got tired they worked so hard and long hours. They did such a great job, we decided to add carpeting throughout our house.