Recent Before & After Photos

Sickening Septic Blowback

The Damage: What you see here is nothing but pure fecal matter, mold from the pipes, and bodily excrescent of all sorts. This is the result of a septic blow bac... READ MORE

Trickling Toilet Tank

The Damage: After years of wear and tear, this porcelain throne developed a small leak from the water hose in the back. Overnight it continued to drip, creating... READ MORE

Master Bathroom Leak In Friendswood, TX

The Damage: The tank from the homeowners bathroom toilet cracked, releasing gallons of water into the bathroom which flowed into the master bedroom.What SERVPRO... READ MORE

The Effects Of Sporicide

The Damage: A small leak combined with intense humidity behind a mini fridge caused mold to begin forming. Seen in this stage, the mold is still young and easy ... READ MORE

Brand New Kitchen

The Damage: An electrical fire in this brand new home caused the kitchen to go up in flames. Thankfully it was quickly able to be contained by the Pearland fire... READ MORE

Unintended 'Water Closet' In Accounting Office

The Damage: This water closet was created due to the damage of a pipeline from the bathroom room adjacent to it. Left untreated the liquid would begin to r... READ MORE

Pasadena Church- Holy Water Overflow

The Damage: A water pipe burst in this Pasadena Church, saturating the main worship room so it was like walking in carpety mush. With the main worship hall dren... READ MORE

Harvey Flooded Basement In Pasadena

The Damage: The infamous storm, Hurricane Harvey, hit Houston on August 25th 2018. With it came hundreds of gallons of water. The commercial basement seen here ... READ MORE

Roof Damage In Pearland Texas

The Damage: After a particularly windy gulf coast summer storm, a loose branch gave way and fell on top of this families home with a crash. The branch... READ MORE

Smokey Stairwell Salvaged

The Damage: This Kitchen disaster caused extensive smoke damage upstairs. You can even still see where picture frames and wall decorations were hanging during t... READ MORE