Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Hurricane Michael in Florida

There is no job too big or too small for SERVPRO of Friendswood/Pearland. When customers were in the need of help after Hurricane Michael, we loaded up and headed to Florida. We will always be there when you need us the most, no matter the distance. We are a phone call away (281) 412-6211

Snow in TEXAS?!

Who can forget the time it snowed in Houston Texas? January 16, 2018 was a magical day for Houstonians as the snow created a white blanket over the city. However bringing with it frozen pipes, cars, and plants. 

Fallen Branches

If your home is surrounded by trees you know one of the greatest hazard during a strong storm or just on a windy day is flying debris from the trees. Large branches, like the one seen here, can fall on your roof and create a sizable hole opening you up your attic to the elements. 

Loose Window

Buildings that are taller are more exposed to the elements and at a higher risk for wind damage than those closer to the ground. The high up window seen here was loosened enough that water was able to seep through the cracks during a very windy storm.

Winter Storm Inga

The Winter Storm of 2018 froze many pipes in the Houston area. Most homeowners in Houston had little to no idea on how to protect their property from the bitter chill resulting in their pipes bursting and causing large water damages like the one seen here.

Winter Storm Tip: If there is a Winter advisory in effect leave your faucets dripping and cover your exposed outdoor pipes to prevent a bust.

Drooping Ceiling

If your ceiling begins to drip and you notice it caving in, building a 'T' structure with spare 2 by 4 boards as seen here may provide just enough support to keep it from caving in. 

Commercial Flood Damage

Following a catastrophic event a local retailer suffered flood waters of about 4 feet deep. Notice the silt damage to the carpeting and floor. The after picture is reflective of the final stages of mitigation before repair work was to start. SERVPRO, with the proper resources and knowledge put the customers mind at ease and stayed in touch daily about the progress being made on the job.